Pbs and RAR

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    I have not yet purchased WinRar. But if I do, can I use winRar to compress and files run by pbs files?

    The option does not appear to be there now . . . but may it appears once I have purchased and installed WinRAR.

  • Hi Socrates,

    1st, Download a trial of WinRar then go into PowerArchiver Configuration and add the location of the “rar.exe” container via RAR Support tab and Click OK.

    Then Go back into config select “Shell Extensions” you will notice on the right site panel Compress to RAR is available to add to your PowerArchiver menus.

    The point of the rar support is so you can Compress RAR formats without the need to switch over and use WinRAR.

    PA just utilises the container file so it can compress rar formats as you know PA already can extract and open rar formats faster than winrar itself.

    By installing winrar as a trial and setting up PA you can play around with both applications to see if it suites your needs before spending your hard earned cash.

  • conexware

    We do not have RAR as an option in PBS scripts as we would not be able to have about 50% of the backup functionality with it as with other formats, filters, etc.
    So for now, it’s left out.

  • Banned

    Understood. Makes sense.


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