Multiple entrys in add/remove programs

  • Until a few weeks ago I had PA 2007 installed on my computer. When I started up PA 2007 recently I got a message there was an update available (PA 2011). I clicked the button to upgrade; everything went ok (automatic uninstall of PS 2007 and an install of PA 2011). So, now I have PA 2011 installed. However when I looked at “Add/Remove Programs” in the Control Panel I now saw two entries for PA: PA 2007 and PA2011.
    What went wrong; how can I remove the entry for PA 2007?

    Thanks in advance,

  • conexware

    does it stay there after restart?

  • After restart it still exists in the “Add/Remove Programs” list.

    Kind regards,

  • conexware

    just checked this out and reproduced it, both still there after restart. logging it in.
    Thanks Alje!

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