PA2012 Beta 1 Bug: Shell Extension Sub-Menu

  • Here’s another bug that’s still in PA2012, hopefully it can get fixed. I’ve been seeing this for years across multiple systems and clean Windows/PA installs and PA versions.

    Summary: When the right mouse button is used to drag an archive, the context menu is wrong and seems to ignore some of the submenu settings.

    I’m attaching pictures of my context menu extraction settings, then screenshots of right-drag context menus for archives in both 32 and 64 bit file managers. I used Explorer++ for these screens, but XYplorer (x86), xplorer2 (x64), and Windows Explorer (x64) all display the same behavior.

    This is all on Windows 7 Pro x64.

  • conexware

    yep! still logged in our system from March of last year.
    gonna add these screenshots to it as well, let’s see what the dev team can do.
    thanks again!

  • Great! Thanks!

  • conexware

    obviously nobody bumped it hard enough before :-)

  • conexware

    this should have been fixed?

  • No change in 13.00.22. The registry options (Option_n_ and Submenu_n_) seem to be set, but my shell extension menus look exactly the same.

  • tl;dr version: 32-bit shell extension seems to work fine. 64-bit shell extension still not, seems to have not been updated.

    Here’s current behaviors I’ve noticed in 13.00.24 running on Win 7 x64:

    • pashlext.dll has an mtime of 2012-06-23 11:38

    • pashlext64.dll has an mtime of 2012-06-14 12:16 (manually extracted from installer to double check)

    • In an x86 file manager right drag context menu seems to be fixed.

    • In an x64 file manager right drag context menu is still wrong – my configured commands do not show up in the submenu.

    • For .cab and .7z archives, PA is showing the “Create Self-extracting archive” entry in the main context menu even though the “Make SFX” option is hidden altogether. The “Make SFX” entry does not show up for .zip files (or .rar, but the option indicates that they should not be affected anyway). If “Make SFX” is configured to show on the submenu, then the menu option shows up in the submenu as configured. This only occurs in an x64 file manager, not in an x86 file manager.

    • In both x86 and x64 file managers, the right drag context menu always shows an “Extract…” entry for .zip files (seen in image in OP). This is actually coming from Explorer’s native .zip handling. Can PA be configured to disable that? I’m not actually interested in Explorer’s zip file handling since I’ve installed PA, and I can’t imagine most of your other users are either. :) I apologize if I sent any devs or testers on a wild goose chase trying to figure out where that menu entry was coming from.

  • conexware

    Reproduced the issue with Make Exe and have logged it in, thanks for that!

    For the right click issue in x64 shell, basically the issue here is that the PA 2012 submenu does not appear when right click options appear after right click and drag?

    Just want to double check and make sure.
    Thanks again!

  • That’s correct. The correct options show up, just in the wrong place.

  • conexware

    Thanks Ardax!
    Got word from the dev team that they’ll do their best to get it fixed on the next release

  • Thanks!

  • conexware


    please check PA 2012 13.00.25 via Patchbeam and see if it works better now… thanks!

  • OMG YAY! It’s all fixed!

    x86 and x64 shellexts seem to be bahaving properly. There’s also no more “Create Self-extracting archive” option showing up when “Make SFX” is hidden too!

  • conexware

    cool :-)

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