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  • I can’t figure this out. I have the key for PA toolbox but the download link just takes me to the PA 2011 download. I downloaded and installed that version with the Toolbox key but still no toolbox features. What am I missing? I just want to install the toolbox without bitdefender so I can mount ISO’s.

  • Could it be that you’re downloading the International version instead of English (or vice versa)?

    Both are here:

  • I made sure I am getting the english version (it’s the only version my key works with). PowerArchiver 2011 is installed okay (no nag screens). I just can’t figure out where the tools are.

  • Hi Zombie,

    Depending on your original Purchase selection you are provided with either “international” or “English” the keys are different.

    Reference toolbox, you should notice that when installing powerarchiver without enterng the serial specific tools will not work.

    Only when you enter your serial will the following features become available in full to you;

    Full CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burner

    PowerArchiver Data Burner lets you quickly burn discs, copy discs or create ISO images. It includes 5 tools:
    Burn files to Disc – Data burner that lets you burn CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs in ISO9660 or UDF2 formats, supports unicode and over 4GB file sizes.
    Burn image (.iso) – Quickly burn ISO files to disc. Works from shell extensions as well.
    Copy disc – Copy your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc to another Disc or ISO image.
    Erase Disc – Erases your CD/DVD/BD rewritable disc.
    New Disc Image (.iso) – Lets you create new ISO image from your files/folders on hard drive.

    PowerArchiver Virtual DVD drive

    PA Virtual Drive (PAVD) lets you mount your ISO disc images as Virtual Drives, without having to burn any CD/DVD/BD’s.

    It is very easy to use, supports several drives and has great shell extensions. It is also usable through PA’s Win7 jumplists or PA Starter. Works on both 32bit and 64bit Windows

    Full FTP/SFTP client

    PowerArhiver FTP/SFTP client is advanced FTP client with following features:
    Secure protocols and FIPS certification – Support for SFTP, FTP with SSL and FTP with SSL/TLS protocols. FIPS 140.2 Certified.
    Integration with PowerArchiver – Upload files from archives to FTP and Download them directly to archive, without needing to unpack anything!
    Multiple tabs – Tabbed interface for multiple server connections.
    Quick ZIP and Send – Single button click zips (your choice of formats) and uploads selected file.
    Bandwidth Limiter – limit bandwidth used with easy and visible option.
    Edit and update files – continuously track multiple edited/opened files and update them as needed.
    Ribbon interface – first FTP client with Microsoft Office licensed ribbon interface for easier use (optional).
    Advanced Queue system – with multiple transfers and global transfer limits.
    Disconnect or shutdown – After queue is completed, you can set it to disconnect from the server or even shutdown your computer.
    And much more… – Proxy, SOCKS, Advanced Overwrite options, and more!

  • Alpha Testers

    Does it say PowerArchiver Toolbox in the title bar?

    Are you using the classic or modern skin?

    If classic then see screenshot.

  • My screen looks just like yours with Toolbox in the titlebar and the same 4 choices on the far dropdown.

  • Never mind. Put the last 2 replies together and figured out you have to click on “Burner” and then the toolbox options are there. Thanks you Sir Richard and Luxor.

  • I knew we would get there in the end. :) hope you enjoy the features.

  • Alpha Testers


    Never mind. Put the last 2 replies together and figured out you have to click on “Burner” and then the toolbox options are there.

    Yes I should have mentioned that really. Glad you got there in the end. :)

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