PA - Preview Screen [CRASH]

  • Hi Team,

    I came about an error a while ago but couldnt replicate until yesterday.

    On opening PowerArchiver and viewing a PDF Document within the Preview Pane. “any PDF” this works with no issues… Close PowerArchiver.

    Now follow these Steps

    Step 1 - Open Adobé Reader X “”
    Select any PDF you like and press the email button select “attach to email” within the right side pane. This opens outlook in a template for you to construct an email. From this point just close or send it, it wont really matter.

    Step 2 - Open PowerArchiver and view any PDF then close PowerArchiver.

    The Following Error Message apears;

    I created a Techsmith Jing .swf example of this for you via my livedrive account.

    PS: This was on an XP Pro SP3 system. Using the latest version of Adobe Reader and PowerArchiver.

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