Backup to a Remote LAN Drive

  • Hi,
    I bought Power Archiver Pro 2010 from Ashampoo and am evaluating if I want to upgrade and use the 2011 Pro version for my 10 desktop computer network.

    I have one server that has a spare disk drive in it and I would like to have all of my 10 desktop PC’s back up to this one spare drive.

    I am on a private intranet LAN and I can map each desktop PC with the correct permissions to the server.

    Is there a way to do this?
    Thank You

  • conexware

    Map it as an network drive? It will get its drive letter and any Windows application should be able to access it as any other drive?

  • Hi Yes this seemed to work. I was able to see an achive built on the drive.:D

    A couple of other questions I have:
    1. When the drive is approaching full, will I get a notice or some other indication it is near full, or will I just get a backup failure?
    2. Do I have manually remove old archive files once the drive gets full?

    Thank you!

  • conexware

    PA doesnt check on the status of the drive and you will indeed have to manually remove old archive files. You can setup backup to send you email with the logs though.

    We pretty much hate auto deletion of your files, and we do try to avoid it at any time.

  • conexware

    I sometimes do forget things :-).
    You dont even have to set it as mapped drive, it will work with network location, such as \Backup-Server\folderforbackup

  • Hi
    Thanks for the information. I understand about auto deletion of old archives. Your way is the best way. :D

    So, how do I schedule an archive to start an update at a specific time? Is this possible?
    Never mind I found it!

    Thank You So Very Much!

  • conexware

    open the backup, and in the options tree to the left, there are scheduling options… it will create windows task scheduler task which you can also edit later on (with its million options) from task scheduler as well.

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