Drag and Drop to check for existing directories before extracing…

  • I have a 7zip file with 8500 files in it. I drop the top level directory to the desktop (which is games). PA then extracts all 8500 files to the temp folder which takes about 8 minutes. Then Windows attempts to copy the files to the destination directory (Desktop). The only problem was that there was a Games folder already there and Windows asked me if I wanted to overwrite it (which I didn’t). So I told it “No” and had to extract it again which is another 8 minutes.
    Is there a way to get PA to check the destination directory first before extracting?

  • Whoops, wrong forum, I didn’t realize I was in the command line forum. Can this get moved to the PA2012 general tech support forum please?

  • conexware

    i am not sure what would it help? It is Windows copy function, it will not delete old folder, but copy files inside it?

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