Modified field messed up

  • Having a minor cosmetic problem with version 9.10.06.

    In some archives (not all. Not sure what about the ones with this problem is giving it the problem) the modified field is messed up. By messed up, I mean the date in it will appear almost properly but will have random characters. As an example, it might say January-22-2005 or December-18-2004200420042004 .

    Has anyone else seen this problem. It doesen’t occur with every archive and I’m not sure what about the ones it does occur with is causing it. Is there a way to fix it? Extracting all of the files and then recreating it doesen’t seem to fix it (or at least it didn’t with the archive I tried it on).

  • conexware


    you should email the file to us at our email address. Just make sure it is small enough. That way we will be able to check it out a bit better.


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