Iso issue

  • if you down load any sony dvd player firmware update it shows the powearrchiver iso icon but can not be opened with powearrchiver. the file is called SNEEC900.BIN

  • I think Sony and other brands encrypt iso so users can’t alter the files contained such as firmware etc can’t be modified.

    Out of curiosity have you tried another zip program to see if this is the cause?

  • if that was the case shouldn’t powerarchiver be able to detect this and inform me

  • Not really, think about it. The whole point of them ensuring their devices can be updated correctly is to secure the data and method in which it’s contained.

    So they would use there own software or code to create a locked down version using ISO as a format. it doesnt really mean it is the same structure of an ISO, An example would be DVD’s within them are VOB Files which are split Mpeg’s saved differently so additional methods can be attached when playing a dvd.

    In order for powerarchiver to read a format and display the contents or tell the user its encypted that ISO format must be created using the set method of rules including Encryption.

    It wouldnt be a very secure method if third party applications like PowerArchiver, WinZip, Stuffit or winrar could not only Open the format but read it and even tell you it’s encryption method.

    That then give’s hackers an imidiate platform to go off, make atempts to alter the code and then the source code which is not what sony, panasonic or any other major brand would like.

  • conexware

    just tried with powerIso and no good :)

  • how the average user supposed to know this if pa does not inform the user that the iso has been locked?

    shouldn’t pa tell us?

  • I am sure there is a prompt that PA or other apps could implement that would tell the user it can’t recognise the ISO format.

    However, PA isnt the only application that isnt able to read this particular ISO.

    If its an unrecognied format how can it be reported?

    ie when you open an exe with notepad you dont get a error message from notpad saying it cant read it you just get raw rubbish code interprited as best as possible by that application.

    If PA cant read or understand the format how can it report to the user other than “Cant Recognise Format”

    that will be up to the development team to decide on. :)

  • conexware

    doesnt it tell you it cant read it?

  • As with everything David’s use of ISO’s will be different to my own bar the ISO’s I download and create from my own licenced software etc i dont have any issues so I have never had a situation when an error message need to apear.

  • conexware

    this bin file is not an iso file at all… it is firmware for device, it is not going to be openable by any iso software.

    PA does associate with bin files because some of them are legitimate disc images. There is no way to know which one is which without actually opening the file.

  • ;) Thats what i was trying to say… its may be classed as a file but as its firmware it may not be associated correctly as an ISO.

  • true but it would be nice to be able to open these files as they are an archive format. It would be nice for powearchiver to tell me it cant open them for a reason not associate an icon to them just becasue they may or may not open in powerarchiver.

    Bin is a popu;ar format and it would be nice to be able to work with them. I know that some are protected but it would be nice to know that.

  • conexware

    it cant un-associate the icon obviously, because it doesnt know what kind of file it is until it opens it up.

    it is like that for every format… Thats simply not possible to do.

    You can un-associate it yourself if it bothers you, but there is not much else we can do as there are proper disc images with extension name .bin.

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