Missing Burner Tab in PA Pro 2011

  • I just upgraded to PA Pro 2011 v12.01.02 and went to create an ISO from disc and cannot find that function any longer. I looked in help and it referred me to the Burner Menu in the Main Power Menu but there is nothing regarding a Burner Menu to be found much less Copy Disc to Image. Can someone advise?

  • Update. I uninstalled everything that I could find related to Power Archiver. I then reinstalled PA Pro 2011 and opened it in trial mode. The Burner Menu was there. I then entered the PA Pro 2011 code that I was sent by email and after doing that the Burner Menu was gone. Seems there is an issue with the code and the registration of my upgrade from PA Pro 2010 to PA Pro 2011.

  • Alpha Testers

    Did you get your new code? as you need a new code for PA 2011 That may be the problem.
    Sign into Conexware account via the Support Tab on the main page and select Order Recovery or just use this link http://www.conexware.com/shop/ and once there select resend code from your purchased licenses.

    Doh! just reread your message and you have your code for PA 2011 already. :o

    Strange problem can’t recall seeing this issue pop up before. Best wait for support to see what they can recommend.

  • conexware

    Hi Jimmy,
    This issue has been successfully handled over support.


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