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  • Hi
    Powerarchiver not properly open the files splitted with 7-zip.
    7-zip creates files with this extension. Zip.001,. Zip.002,. Zip.003, etc… and if I want to open them properly in Powerarchiver I have to rename files. The last, must be renamed to ZIP and the others from. zip.001 in. Z01, ZIP.002 in .Z02 ecc

    Nobody has ever noticed?

    One more thing. This time in PowerArchiver. But why when I set a Volume Size on the multiple disk spanning, PowerArchiver creates the first file (the one with the extension Zip) smaller (as if it was the last one) and all other (. Z01,. Z02. Z03 etc…) of the Size choice?

    Attached setting for split volumes(7-zip 9.20) and attached an image of comparison between the split files with PowerArchiver and 7-zip

  • conexware

    According to ZIP specs, last file is first one and it has all the header info (hence it has to be first one).

    I know everyone butchers the ZIP standards, but they are open, free to implement and check to everyone, so there is no need for such butchery.

  • Ok, thanks… I will continue to rename the files …

  • conexware


    Ok, thanks… I will continue to rename the files …

    i will check if we can do something, but it would be the best if you report it to igor, as then he can simply name them properly. It is 10 minute fix.

  • conexware

    btw, last file being first is due to full header and saving it on removable media, like DVD’s… that way you can load up “zip” file and instantly get all the info you need.

    If you loaded up 001 from DVD, you would get only local header so only files in that zip, but when you load last one, you get all the files in all the volumes… what 7z probably does is looks for last file and opens it instead - which wouldnt work on DVD media.

  • thanks for the explanation

  • conexware


    thanks for the explanation

    will you try reporting it to igor?

  • No, I have not written yet … because I have a bad English, I must first ask for help to write…

  • conexware

    ok :-)

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