How delete PA2011 file type extensions

  • I just installed PA2011 onto my new computer running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64 bit).

    At installation, I allowed PA to install and take over its suggested file extension associations. I have now noticed that it has added over 400 file extensions in 4 categories to my file types extension list (and indexing options list) that I will seldom if ever use.

    I would like to dis-associate PA from these file type extensions and then completely remove them from my file types listing to clean it up.

    The file type extensions in questions show as:

    1. .001 to .099
    2. .r01 to .r99
    3. .z01 to .z99
    4. .zx00 to .zx99

    Can someone pls tell my which PA 2011 File Format groups are associated with these 400 file type extensions, how do I dis-associate PA from them, and finally how do I delete them from the Windows 7 file type extension list. (I don’t see a delete button as in Windows XP).

    Do the PA associations and file types go away if the program is uninstalled? If so, Would it be easiest to uninstall the program then reinstall the program with those File Format groups unchecked? (Note I still need to know what those groups are to uncheck them).


  • conexware

    I’ve replied to this question through the support ticket you sent, let us know if you have any further questions. :)

  • conexware

    those are zip and rar extensions.

  • Thanks and sorry, I was unaware that the forum and technical were inter-connected and I am looking for all ideas.

    I wrote back to Mili for more clarifications.

    Can you be more specific as to exactly which of the PA File Formats check blocks relates to each of the 4 file extension groupings that I have shown (ie: what do I uncheck to dis-associate the first extension group, the second, etc)?


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