Self-Extracting .exe to FTP and compress & FTP folder

  • I am using the demo currently but I am interested in the full version and am looking to see if I can somehow do the following:

    1. I send a .zip and a .exe (self-extracting) to clients. I set up the ftp; it works great. However, when I choose “compress & FTP” from the context menu, the .zip seems to not appear anywhere (I would like it to appear within the folder where I am creating the .zip). I need a local copy in that client’s folder, and have one uploaded via FTP. Doing that in a single context menu click would be great.

    2. Is there a way to add a context menu item of “create self-extracting archive & FTP”? And then also have it, as above, appear in the route folder where I created it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • conexware

    you can use compress with options and check send> FTP.

    when you use compress and ftp, archive is moved to ftp. So your only choice there would be to use compress with options, or maybe just use shell ext in several clicks (one for archive, one for ftp to), same goes for SFX option right now.

    in the future, we could add SFX as one of the format options, but it will take a while to do that.


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