Add and Replace?

  • The Add and Replace option when dragging and dropping files into an archive (.zip archive), adds the files but deletes what it was there before the drag and drop action.
    Does not matter what I configure, or what buttons I do enable and/or disable, it always happens, when I open the same archive with Winrar (a zip archive!) and do the drag and drop I don’t have this problem at all, and, I did not have this problem with version 8.

    Thankyou? :rolleyes:

  • conexware

    Which format do you use?

  • Format? I’m not sure of your question but, if you’re asking me about which file format I am using during that drag and drop procedure, the format is: .zip. ;)

  • I tried a couple of my zip files and was able to drag files to it without any problems. I even changed the files to direct write to zip and it made no difference. The old files remained and the new files were added. I’m making the assumption that your file name is not the same as the one in the zip file.

  • w3androx, a “similar” problem was reported some time ago with an earlier version of PA.

    As was requested there, can you provide more detailed information/examples?

    exact version of PA (from help/about) - currently 9.11.01
    PC operating system
    Is Powerarchiver setup for Explorer View or Classic ?
    Is the miscellaneous flag “use normal relative path” checked ?
    Is the zip opened in Powerarchiver showing files in archive before you drag & drop, or are you dropping on the Zip file in windows explorer?

    Which compression options are active (maximum, deflate64 etc.).
    Does it happen with every zip file or just this specific one? Try using the file from PowerArchiver directory.

    Anything else you think might be relevant.

  • Hello Terry: I think the only additional info I could provide is the PA version I’m using, 9.02.01, as of the rest, e.g., wheather I use Classic and/or Explorer view and any of the combinations about compression, and any other configuration combination, the problem happens.
    With version 8 this problem was not present.
    With Winrar I don’t have any problems, and Winrar can accept drag and dropped files whether the archive open receiving the files is a zip and/or a rar file.
    I know with Power Archiver I cannot use the drag and drop action when the file open is a rar file, and that hasn’t been available in any PA version.
    This doesn’t bother me, but actually I am using Winrar everyday, Winrar is saving the day, and I like PA so much that i am not ready to give it up!

  • Is it my destiny to live without Power Archiver?
    Is it??? What will it be, what will it be? :(

  • Why are you using an older version of PA? You should upgrade to the latest which is 9.11. The reason you can’t drag & drop in RAR format is PA doesn’t support RAR compression, only decompressing RAR files. To the best of my knowledge, PA has never supported compressing in the RAR format, only the decompressing.

  • conexware

    I have answered your email too the support as well few days ago :-).

    Please update your version of PowerArchiver to the newest one (9.11.01). This issue was fixed few months ago. It is really not that hard to update PowerArchiver once updates are available, that is exactly why we do all the hard work of releasing new versions 4-5 times per year :-).


  • Is it my destiny to live without Power Archiver?
    Only if you don’t keep up to date (if you encounter a problem).

    With Winrar I don’t have any problems…
    You not really trying ;)

    " I love Angelina Jolie! "
    Whoa, a little bit more information than I asked for … unless you are archiving her photos. If so, care to provide some examples of the archives you are working with … just for testing - honest.

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