• In my Account it says Available upgrades PowerArchiver 2011 Pro - Personal - English (FREE upgrades for life!)

    I beleve I bought PowerArchiver 2009 Pro with free lifetime upgrades … I’m trying to verify this somewhere… cause I think I’m covered forever … Or do I need to buy the PowerArchiver 2011 Pro - Personal - English (FREE upgrades for life!)

    is there anyway to know?

    I am also confused by the term Legacy

  • If you have purchased via personal means PowerArchiver Standard, Pro or Toolbox then you are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades for that version.

    However, should the version change or you wish to upgrade then a fee is applicable.

    Pro Legacy was a gift from ConeXware to provide existing Pro users some key toolbox features. Thus most pro users didnt require to upgrade at that time.

    To find out what you are truly entitled to sign into your MyAccount section via

    at the bottom you should see Free Upgrades, and listed very clearly the name and download link.

  • conexware

    email support and they will check what version you had.

    At the bottom of the account page, you will see your order. If you purchased PA 2009 Pro, then you have access to free upgrade to PA 2011 Pro Legacy.

    Pro Legacy has same features like Toolbox (with no BD), while PA 2011 Pro has less features, so they are not the same, and hence the term legacy.

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