Deploying updates to non-admin users without patchbeam

  • I deploy PA2011 via MSI and Group Policy. I’ve turned off updates using Group Policy. How can I push updates to users? Can I apply MSP files to the MSI and redeploy?


    • Joe

  • conexware

    since there are so many minor updates, easiest thing would be to push “full” msi… so:
    msiexec /i Powarc1200.msi AI_DESKTOP_SH="" ENABLEQUEUE="" SHOWCONF="" CHECKBOX_1_PROP="" /qn

  • conexware

    (this will do proper Windows Installer update and preserve all of your registry entries)

  • Thanks, SPWolf. I confirmed that although the file size is the same as the last MSI I downloaded, the file number inside the MSI was incremented to 12.00.60.

    Is there an update mailing list I can subscribe to?

  • conexware

    Easiest way for advanced user to get full MSI is to simply download latest EXE from our website, right click on it and chose Extract… it will extract full MSI file (exe is only wrapper that makes it smaller and more common for average user).

    We also update our advanced install PDF with link to MSI and updated instructions (if any), and that works by resending codes via account (always get the latest PDF version).

    We have can send newsletter via our store (to larger users), but problem is that (as you probably know), most of the contacts are purchasers, who are technically inept :-), so we were worried that it could back fire.

    Any suggestions?


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