Virtual Drive PAVD2011 under Windows 7 64bit - Installed on incorrect drive

  • Just a note regarding the PAVD2011.EXE Virtual Drive download and install. I have an SSD drive as my C (not a lot of space), so I install a lot of programs on my D:\Program Files (x86) including PA2011. When it prompts to dpwnload and install the Virtual Drivers, it gets installed on C:\Program File (x86) and always prompts to download. I had to move the PAVD2011.exe from C Drive to the PowerArchiver folder on the D Drive which corrected the problem.

  • conexware

    we know about this issue in INT installer - we will fix it in next update.

    thanks a lot!

  • conexware

    this has been fixed with new PAVD release as of Today.

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