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    In PA 2011 (12.00.59) I have noticed that the available skins differs depending on where you do the selection in PA.

    If I go to the Options ribbon and then press the “Select Skin” button, I can select between both the “Modern - Office 2010” skin and the “Modern - Office 2007” skin, as seen in the attached screen shot.

    Now, if I then click on the “Configuration” button in the Options ribbon and in the new Window select the “Skins” in the list. I then click in the Modern Toolbar button, but now I can only select from the “Modern - Office 2010” Theme. The Office 2007 theme is not in the list. See the attached screen shot.

    I don’t know if it’s supposed to be working like this, but for me this is inconsistent behavior. Since there’s a workaround for this and it’s only cosmetic I don’t consider this to be high priority. I just want to ask you if this is working as designed or not.

    Kind Regards

  • conexware

    cool, thanks for the report… they probably forgot to add all of the options there.

  • conexware

    Please check if it has been fixed in this release:


  • Seems to be fixed on my system!

  • conexware

    since micke is not saying hi, i am closing this one :-)

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