Annoying floppy search

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    I thought I had seen this discussed before . . . but could not find it. When I run a backup script, it tries to search my empty floppy drive before it executes the script. Know the problem? Have a solution?

  • Strange, If you have not selected the floppy drive within the Destination Media section. I cant see why it would start up the floppy during running the script?

    Can you confirm the following for us please;

    Operating System and version of PowerArchiver you have ie 2010 Pro.

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    still . . . latest PA 2011 Windows 7 I think this is actually a common problem – perhaps something with the environment variable? I recall some discussion some time ago, and could not find it on the forums.

  • conexware

    this was an common issue in PA 2010 but we fixed it then (it would seek floppy every time folder view was being shown with A:, even if you didnt click on it).

    does it happen only when executing, not during editing of the script?


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    I though I remembered that discussion. Glad to know I am not entirely senile. Happens only when executing. But I solved the problem with a hammer. I disabled the floppy (which I never use anyway). Still, someone else might have the same problem. I didn’t see anything in the environment variables (e.g., in the path command).

  • conexware

    did it happen in windows explorer, or just Backup?
    Maybe send us pbs so we can check if we can figure it out.

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