PA 9.64 and Windows Vista registration

  • My laptop disk drive got corrupted so I had to restore the drive to factory condition. I tried to re-install my version of PA on the laptop, but it will not take my registration number. It keeps coming on as unregistered even though I’ve entered my registration exactly as it was in my registration email. Dashes or no dashes, manual input or copy and paste from the original email, nothing works to register.

    PA 9.64
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
    Service Pack 2
    Compaq Presario CQ Notebook
    AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-60 1.9 GHz
    1.0GB RAM


  • conexware

    are registration codes for same version of PA you have installed? Did you try to login to your account to get latest version you have under free updates there?

  • conexware

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