Update and Serial Problem

  • Hello,

    I had Power Archiver 2010 11.71 installed in my computer and working fine. This week Porwer Archive prompted me for an Update and now my serial does not work.

    At the moment I have version 12.00.59 installed.

    On version 11.71 I was able to mount virtual drives.

    It seems the Power Archiver versions changed a lot:

    It seems Virtual Drive is included only in Toolbox version.

    Am I wrong?

    I don’t need the Burner and the BitDefender features.

    What upgrade should I buy?

    Why not having a new version with BitDefender, Burner and FTP and leaving ISO and Virtual Drive in PRO?

    I think the features BitDefender, Burner and FTP makes Power Archiver a different product …

    Thank You,

    And why not keeping BitDefender and Burner in another product level different from the ISO and Virtual

  • If this is a personal license, I think you should be eligible for a free upgrade license key - go into your account page and there should be options listed for any upgrade key(s) you are eligible for.

    If your previous version had Virtual Drive capability, the upgrade key should continue to permit this (they have a key version called Pro Legacy, which enables Toolbox features except for BitDefender).

    I don’t know what the upgrade story is for commercial licenses, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same as for personal licenses.

    Of course, if you have any more detailed questions or problems with license keys, it’s probably handled better with a direct inquiry to support.

  • conexware

    You can check if you have free upgrade at your account:

    Your Account:

    All Personal license holders get free upgrades, and business license holders next next 2 major upgrades for free (PA 2009, PA 2010).

    If you have purchase PA Pro with those features before, then you still get the same features in 2011 no matter the new licenses.

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