Problem opening file inside a compressed file

  • Hello,
    I wanna first thank the programers for their works to build the powerarchiver program that is very useful.

    my problem:
    when I want to open a file that is in a compressed file with powerarchiver , nothing append…
    (open the file by double clicking in the file or with right clicking and open menu)

    It was working in the 2010 version.

    I have tried to uninstall et reinstall powerarchiver but it doesn’t work.

    I have Windows 7 64bits

    Nice to help me.

  • Alpha Testers

    Welcome to the forum NCIBX.

    Can you give more details as this will help the devs when they read your post.

    What type of archive? zip, rar, etc.
    Is this file a specific file type or do you get the same behaviour with all file types?

    Or are you trying to open an archive within an archive?

    If it’s the latter then there have already been reports about this issue here.

  • I have made some test and the problem is only with the RAR archives.

    And for the files inside the RAR archive, when I want to open a PDF file it work but it doesn’t work with EXE, MSI, TXT, pictures files.

    Other detail: when I want to open a file, the red bar on the right bottom of the windows change to green but at the end nothing happend

  • conexware

    are you sure rar is not broken maybe? did you try extracting and then opening those files?

  • I have made some new tests and I have see something: the problem occur only with RAR archives that have in their propriety (See in File Menu of Powerarchiver ):

    • Version to extract: 2.0
    • Version build by: 2.0

    I have tested other RAR files with 2.9 version and the opening of files work perfectly

    With the 2.0 RAR version where is the problem, when I want to extract all the archives, there are no problem. It’s only when I want to open the files directly by Powerarchiver without extracting all the archive.

    Correction with my previous message, the PDF file thats work was a 2.9 RAR version, maybe it will not work in a 2.0 RAR version (I have no PDF in a 2.0 RAR version to test and check it)

  • conexware

    Hi NCBIX,

    The issue happens when wiles are compressed within a folder. So when you open a RAR file where the compressed files are within a folder structure (inside a folder), they do not open when double clicked.
    If files are compressed with no path (no folder structure/not inside a folder) they open fine.
    The issue has been logged in.

  • conexware

    this issue has been fixed in later PA versions… if you still follow PA, please let us know if it works fine.


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