Mount Virtual Drive Context Menu Not Showing for .ISO file

  • As the title states, I’ve installed the virtual drive drivers and setup the context menu to show Mount Virtual Drive.

    However, right clicking on an .iso file does not cause the option to show up in the context menu as it has done previously.

    I can mount the .iso files manually from within PowerArchiver so I am able to get around the issue but it would be nice if it was fixed.

    Version 12.00.54 of PowerArchiver.
    Version 1.04.04 of Virtual Drive.

    Running on Win7 x64 SP1. Installed to default location.

  • conexware

    just logged this issue in, that was reported by another user.
    let see what the dev team has to say!
    Thanks for reporting it also!

  • Alpha Testers

    Welcome seamusmc.

    This sounds very much like a report that one of the PA Alpha testers has just recently reported.

    No solution for you I’m afraid but the devs are aware of it, so I’m sure that a fix will be on the way as soon as possible.

    Edit: And as if by magic Mili replies as I was typing away.

  • conexware

    this should have been fixed long time ago? thanks!

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