Unmounting Virtual Drive

  • Unmounting a virtual drive used to be almost instant. Lately, it has taken a few seconds (win 7 32 bit). One has to wait until all the notifications have gone (yes, those saying that the unmount has been successful :confused::)) until one can delete the image that had been mounted. Trying before that moment results in a delete failure as the file (image) is still in use. Using RC5.



  • conexware

    hey DrT!

    Which method are you using to unmount?

  • Right-click, unmount. I have always used this method.

    With kind regards


  • conexware

    is it the same for you with all ISOs you try to unmount? no matter the size?

    just tested some here, unmounted instantly.

  • Hi,

    Try and delete the ISO as soon as you believe it has unmounted. When I try to delete, it is after the blue “volume unmounted” notification has appeared. So the unmount may have appeared to be successful, but the ISO is STILL in use by PA - there is a PA icon in the taskbar until the ISO becomes deletable - which is when the blue notification goes. I can produce a video of my screen showing all of this should it help.

    I would not have noticed this if I did not want to delete an ISO as soon as unmounting.

    With kindest regards


  • conexware

    Yes, tried it and was able to delete it immediately.

    have you tried another ISO file? same issue?

  • conexware

    since this has not been changed in a while, check what could influence that on your computer side.

  • @ Mili. Yes all ISOs affected.

    @ spwolf. Will do.

    Thanks to you both.


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