List of archive formats

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    Extension File Description Popularity
    .0 Hacha Split Archive File Average
    .000 DoubleSpace Compressed File Uncommon
    .7z 7-Zip Compressed File Very Common
    .a00 ALZip Second Split Archive File Uncommon
    .a01 ALZip Third Split Archive File Uncommon
    .a02 ALZip Fourth Split Archive File Uncommon
    .ace WinAce Compressed File Average
    .ain AIN Compressed File Archive Rare
    .alz ALZip Archive Common
    .apz Autoplay Media Studio Exported Project Average
    .ar Unix Static Library Average
    .arc Compressed File Archive Average
    .arh ProTool Compressed Project File Uncommon
    .ari ARI Compressed File Archive Rare
    .arj ARJ Compressed File Archive Uncommon
    .ark PowerDesk Pro Archive Rare
    .axx AxCrypt Encrypted File Average
    .b64 Base64 MIME-Encoded File Average
    .ba Scifer External Header Archive Average
    .bh BlakHole Archive Uncommon
    .boo Booasm Compressed Archive Uncommon
    .bz Bzip Compressed File Common
    .bz2 Bzip2 Compressed File Common
    .bza IZArc BGA Archive Rare
    .bzip Bzip Compressed Archive Average
    .bzip2 Bzip2 Compressed Archive Rare
    .c00 WinAce Split Archive File Average
    .c01 WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File Average
    .c02 WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File Uncommon
    .car CAR Archive Uncommon
    .cb7 Comic Book 7-Zip Archive Uncommon
    .cbr Comic Book RAR Archive Common
    .cbt Comic Book TAR File Average
    .cbz Comic Book ZIP Archive Average
    .cp9 ChoicePoint Encrypted File Average
    .cpgz Compressed CPIO Archive Average
    .cpt Compact Pro Archive Uncommon
    .dar DAR Disk Archive Average
    .dd DiskDouber Archive Uncommon
    .deb Debian Software Package Very Common
    .dgc DGCA File Archive Average
    .dist Mac OS X Distribution Script Average
    .dl_ Compressed DLL File Average
    .dz Dzip File Uncommon
    .ecs Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File Average
    .efw Renamed Zip or Executable File Average
    .epi EclipsePackager2000 Compressed File Uncommon
    .f Freeze Compressed File Average
    .fdp MySafe Encrypted Data Average
    .gca GCA File Archive Average
    .gz Gnu Zipped Archive Very Common
    .gza IZArc BGA Archive File Rare
    .gzi Unix Gzip File Average
    .gzip Gnu Zipped File Average
    .ha HA Compressed Archive Rare
    .hbc HyperBac Compressed Archive Average
    .hbc2 HyperBac Compressed File Archive Uncommon
    .hbe HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive Uncommon
    .hki WinHKI Archive Average
    .hki1 WinHKI HKI1 Archive Average
    .hki2 WinHKI HKI2 Archive Average
    .hki3 WinHKI HKI3 Archive Average
    .hpk HPack Compressed Archive Rare
    .hyp HYPER Compressed Archive Rare
    .ice ICE File Archive Average
    .ipg iPod Game File Average
    .ipk Itsy Package Average
    .ish ISH Compressed Archive Rare
    .ita IconTweaker Theme Archive Average
    .j JAR Archive Rare
    .jar.pack Pack200 Packed Jar File Rare
    .jgz Gzipped Javascript File Average
    .jic Java Icon File Average
    .kgb KGB Archive File Average
    .lbr LU Library Archive Average
    .lemon Download Uncommon
    .lha LHARC Compressed Archive Average
    .lnx Commodore 64 Lynx Archive Average
    .lqr SQ Compressed LBR Archive Average
    .lz Lzip Compressed File Average
    .lzh LZH Compressed File Uncommon
    .lzm Slax Module Average
    .lzma LZMA Compressed File Uncommon
    .lzo LZO Compressed File Average
    .lzx Amiga LZX Compressed File Uncommon
    .md MDCD Compressed Archive Rare
    .mint Linux Mint Installer File Average
    .mou WinMount Compressed File Uncommon
    .mpkg Meta Package File Common
    .mzp MAXScript Zip Package Average
    .oar OpenSimulator Archive Uncommon
    .oz Opera Job Management Compressed File Uncommon
    .p7m Digitally Encrypted Message Average
    .pack.gz Pack200 Compressed Archive Uncommon
    .package Linux Autopackage File Average
    .pae PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive Average
    .pak PAK (Packed) File Average
    .paq6 PAQ6 Data Archive Average
    .paq7 PAQ7 Data Archive Average
    .paq8 PAQ8 Data Archive Uncommon
    .par Parchive Index File Average
    .par2 Parchive 2 Index File Average
    .pax PAX Archive Uncommon
    .pbi PC BSD Installer Package Average
    .pcv Mozilla Profile Backup Average
    .pea PEA File Archive Average
    .pet Puppy Linux Install Package Average
    .pf Private File Average
    .pim PIM Archive Average
    .pit PackIt Compressed Archive Rare
    .piz Zipped File Average
    .pkg Mac OS X Installer Package Very Common
    .pup PlayStation 3 Update File Average
    .pup Puppy Linux DotPup Installer Package Common
    .puz Packed Publisher File Uncommon
    .pwa Password Agent File Average
    .qda Quadruple D Archive Average
    .r0 WinRAR Compressed Archive Uncommon
    .r00 WinRAR Compressed Archive Average
    .r01 WinRAR Split Archive Part 1 Average
    .r02 WinRAR Split Archive Part 2 Uncommon
    .r03 WinRAR Split Archive Part 3 Uncommon
    .r1 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1 Uncommon
    .r2 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2 Uncommon
    .r21 WinRAR Split Archive Part 21 Uncommon
    .r30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30 Uncommon
    .rar WinRAR Compressed Archive Very Common
    .rev RAR Recovery Volume Set Uncommon
    .rk WinRK File Archive Uncommon
    .rnc RNC ProPack Archive Average
    .rp9 RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive Average
    .rpm Red Hat Package Manager File Common
    .rte RTE Encoded File Average
    .rz Rzip Compressed File Average
    .rzs Red Zion Security File Average
    .s00 ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive Average
    .s01 ZipSplitter Part 2 Archive Average
    .s02 ZipSplitter Part 3 Archive Average
    .s7z Mac OS X 7-Zip File Average
    .sar Service Archive File Average
    .sdc Secure Download Cabinet Average
    .sdn Shareware Distributors Network File Uncommon
    .sea Self-Extracting Archive Common
    .sen Scifer Internal Header Archive Uncommon
    .sfs Squashfs File Archive Average
    .sfx Windows Self-Extracting Archive Common
    .sh Unix Shell Archive Average
    .shar Unix Shar Archive Average
    .shk ShrinkIt Archive Average
    .shr Unix Shell Archive File Average
    .sit Stuffit Archive Very Common
    .sitx Stuffit X Archive Very Common
    .spt TM File Packer Compressed Archive Rare
    .sqx SQX Archive Average
    .sqz Squeezed Video File Average
    .tar.gz Tarball File Very Common
    .tar.xz XZ Compressed Tar Archive Uncommon
    .taz Tar Zipped File Average
    .tbz Bzip Compressed Tar Archive Average
    .tbz2 Tar BZip 2 Compressed File Uncommon
    .tg Gzip Compressed Tar Archive Rare
    .tgz Gzipped Tar File Common
    .tlz Tar LZMA Compressed File Uncommon
    .tlzma LZMA Compressed Tar Archive Uncommon
    .txz XZ Compressed Tar Archive Uncommon
    .tz Zipped Tar Archive Average
    .uc2 UltraCompressor 2 Archive Average
    .ufs.uzip Compressed Unix File System File Uncommon
    .uha UHarc Compressed Archive Average
    .uzip FreeBSD Compressed Disk Image Uncommon
    .vem Virtual Expander Compressed File Average
    .vsi Visual Studio Content Installer File Average
    .war Java Web Archive Common
    .wot Web Of Trust File Average
    .xef WinAce Encrypted File Average
    .xez eManager Template Package Average
    .xmcdz Mathcad Compressed Worksheet File Average
    .xpi Mozilla Installer Package Average
    .xx XXEncoded File Uncommon
    .xz XZ Compressed Archive Uncommon
    .y Amiga Yabba Compressed File Uncommon
    .yz YAC Compressed File Rare
    .yz1 Yamazaki ZIPPER File Rare
    .z Unix Compressed File Average
    .z01 WinZip First Split Zip File Average
    .z02 WinZip Second Split Zip File Uncommon
    .z03 WinZip Third Split Zip File Uncommon
    .z04 WinZip Fourth Split Zip File Uncommon
    .zap FileWrangler Archive Rare
    .zfsendtotarget Compressed Folder Average
    .zi Renamed Zip File Rare
    .zip Zipped File Very Common
    .zipx Extended Zip File Very Common
    .zix WinZix Compressed File Average
    .zl Zlib Compressed File Rare
    .zoo Zoo Compressed File Uncommon
    .zpi Zipped File Rare
    .zz Zzip Compressed Archive Average

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