Error messages to have specific codes

  • I know this would mean more coding but i would like to see error messages with codes. for example If you get an error message saying cannot extract it would be nice if pa could have a error copde to that with more info.

    Also on the same lines if pa doesnt work prperly at the time you use your computer i would like to see a tool that can take a span shot of your pc registry and programs open, so you can report that info to pa so they can fix conflitcst with there program.

  • So what you are kind of Suggesting is a Diagnostic Tool for PowerArchiver?

    A good idea! and something I back! with PA Toolbox being so packed with FTP, Backup, Burner & Additional tools to come having an advanced Diagnostic Help Tool would be a good idea.

    Xobni do something similar! Called InspectorX that runs checks and provides a backup of your registry and plugins including exporting all details into zip file that can be sent to the developers if there are issues…

  • most people who give error messages and bug reports do niot give the developer enough info at first to diagnose the fault, so best way is to have a tool that gives people who cabn fix pa the best possible chance

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