What do people think of egg archive foirmat

  • came across this

    ALZip EGG Format A New Compression Format

    ALZip represents a new compression file format, the EGG file! EGG file is great for global usage since it supports for Unicode. Compressing into EGG file saves you time to convert the language of the archive you need to encode. EGG file is a smart archive that selects the best method to compress. The Optimized Compression option analyzes the files and decides whether it should concentrate on compression ratio or compression speed or others. EGG file is also designed for very large archives. There is no data loss when compressing in EGG file.

  • Not heard of it before (but I understand why you didn’t give link).

    But it seems it is NOT a compression format - it seems to use filetype to select from different archive formats within the same archive??
    No info on which formats it uses - but probably just selects between the formats used by the actual program.

  • Their site is very vague on details. Other than it being a clever extension name, I can’t see any true benefits to it without more information.

  • Powerarchivers new format im sure when finished will beat eggs lol

  • conexware

    i think they are using 7zip, just making it not compatible with 7zip itself, which makes no sense at all.

    World does not need another format if it is same or worse than 7zip which is very popular.

  • conexware

    it basically does what our 7zip and ZIPX optimized engines/options do, just not as well as they dont use multiple codecs at the same time.

    So at the end, it is worse than 7zip by some 5% on my test files.

  • Thats typical of people using another persons work then throwing their own extension onto it… No wonder the website is vauge.

    I certainly think PAFF will be the New compression methods once its fully complete and available.

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