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I cannot see the burner menu in P.A. 12.00.49

  • I just setup P.A. 12.00.49 on my laptop with Windows Server 2003 English Enterprise 32 bit. It is a new setup, not an upgrade. I cannot see the burner menu inside P.A. I can see the “Burn File to Disc…” entry in the right click context menu.
    Also, I cannot see the mount entry, even if I have setup pastarport13004.exe.
    I have tried to read the documentation, but I could not find anything.
    Can You help me?

    Thank You

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

  • conexware

    email suppport at conexware dot com, they will help you the fastest when it comes to stuff like this.


  • conexware


    For other people search for this, in classic, now backup, burner, etc, is moved to the top right small dropdown…

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