Uninstalling PowerArchiver 2011

  • Why isn’t the PatchBeam folder removed completely when uninstalling PowerArchiver? After uninstalling PowerArchiver there is still a PatchBeam folder with only one file in it. After the uninstall I need to delete the PatchBeam folder manually. Can you fix the uninstall script for PatchBeam?

  • the simple reason is that you need to reinstall powerarchiver shut down your system and then uninstall powearchiver. if you have any programs open that use patchbeam it means powerarchiver unistall can not remove it. This is a windows uninstall error not a powearchiver fault though the unisntall should warn you that it can certain fails can not be uninstalled and give you a fix for this.

  • Not to mention, PatchBeam is a completely separate application potentially going to be used by future applications within ConeXware as well as 3rd party.

    So even if a user uninstalls PowerArchiver, they may have other apps that depend on Patchbeam as their Updating system.

  • conexware

    there is some problem with uninstaller for PB, which happens sometimes… we will check it out before final.

  • conexware

    this has been fixed in final release…

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