PA2011PE difference between unreg and reg

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    Please excuse me for asking what is probably and inane question to ask. I’ve been a customer since 2007 and I just made a new purchase of PA2011 Professional Edition. My old edition was PA2010 Professional Edition as well, but instead up updating I ordered a new version instead. Yeah I know, it sounds inane but never mind.
    I know that I ordered the Professional Edition… but when I enter the registration key it says PA2011 Professional, and here is the biggest inane question of them all. When I enter the registration key it looks like PA2011 Standard Edition and not Professional Edition as it should be.

    Below is a screenshot of PA2011PE before I enter the registration key

    Below is a screenshot of PA2011PE after I entered the registration key which you can clearly see is not the same, and I would guess this is the standard edition which is not what I ordered.

    It’s registered to me as you can see (although I have blanked the name for security reasons, as you can understand)

    Looking at the screenshots I have taken you can clearly see the difference between the two of them. These are both the same editions PA2011PE when you register half of the menu vanish. They are both the same version Unregistered and Registered but there is a clear difference between the two.

    Why is this…?

    Could somebody please explain WTH is going on here because ithere should be no difference between Unregistered and Registered should there…?

    Oh yeah and before anybody asks. This is a photoshop edit… it is not.

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