FTP problems (TLS, Speed, Password)

  • I’m experiencing some problems with PowerArchiver 2011 12.00.41,


    • I can’t connect using TLS encryption. If I select FTP + SSL/TLS. it just fails connecting, I have also tried with passive.

    However if I select FTP+SSL instead, I can see in the log that it connects “AUTH TLS” “234 AUTH TLS successfull” And then it disconnects with “error while connecting”.

    I can connect to this same FTP server with other FTP clients like Filezilla (where I select passive, FTP, with explicit FTP over TLS)

    • FTP download speed is all over the place, and does not appear to reflect actual speed. For example it was displaying 36 b/s constantly, but I normally reach 1.2MB/s speeds with this FTP and I could see that it wass downloading a lot faster than it says.

    • The FTP password in the GUI is not hidden

    • Isn’t the FTP Queue supposed to be saved if you exit PowerArchiver? It is cleared each time on exit.

  • conexware

    password was known, it will be added/fixed before final… queue is cleared right now, but if you want it differently, make an thread in wishlist forums please?

    we will check the rest and let you know… thanks for using!

  • conexware

    speed has been fixed in .50 and we now published .51 with password masking… you can patchbeam it!

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