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Backup Scripts Will Not Run

  • I recently upgraded to PowerArchiver version 12.00.41 (04/2011). After entering my registration name and code, the program appears to working. I no longer receive the nag screen when I start it.

    Now when I try to run any of the backup scripts (.pbs) created and run under the previous version of the program, I get the nag screen. I had the PowerArchiver 2011 credentials emailed to me again and the entered them by doing a copy-and-paste. The name and registration code are not accepted.

    How can I use the scripts again?

  • I’m having the same problem. Please advise.

  • conexware

    i think i have good idea what went wrong and it is my fault… I will get back to you guys soon and let you know what to do.

  • Banned

    I had a similar problem early on.

    My solution: I opened each old pbs in 2011, made a few cosmetic changes (which I then undid) and saved it.

    I also removed the check (under scheduling) to “always use queue.”

    You might give it a shot,

  • i thinkl the new program uses a slightly differnt backup script is there anywhay we can comfirm this?

  • I downloaded and installed the new version 12.00.49. Now my scripts are working again.

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