PA cannot handle a TAR.GZ file

    I couldn’t extract it in any way under Windows 7.
    I shouts about missing permissions but I’m the admin on this machine. then PA extracts the folder structure without the files except those in the root dir which he extracts empty files.
    I managed to overcome this (extract the contents) only by using Linux.


  • Works for me (Win XP).
    Using PA 2011 (12.00.41) and extracting via explorer shell - extract to [filename as folder].

    Can clarify the “missing permissions”?

  • –-------------------------

    Error creating destination file “D:\Users\Roey\Downloads.\index.php”.

    Possible reasons: File in use, disk full or no write permissions.
    Please check if you have permissions to write to this folder.

    Vista users:
    In Microsoft Vista, writing to certain folders is not allowed (i.e. C:\Program Files).
    You will need to start PowerArchiver as Administrator. If you are extracting files you
    can use drag and drop from PowerArchiver main interface to extract files to that folder.

    Yes No

    Using PA 2010 v11.71.04

  • conexware

    please try PA 2011… completely new TAR engine :-)

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