Extracting multiple rar archive with PA2011

  • Hi!

    I had a problem extracting a multiple rar-archive.

    It consisted of 125 files each about 350MB in size.
    Power Archiver 2011 RC1 gave me an CRC-error at file 110. So I checked the CRC with the original file, but it was correct.
    I tried WinRAR 4 and while extracting also WinRAR showed me CRC errors, but in files 1, 33. So I CRC checked files 1 and 33 and they really were wrong. After replacing the files everything extracted fine, with WinRAR and PA.

    So the question is, why didn’t PA show me file 1 and 33 as corrupted files like WinRAR did?

  • conexware

    we will have to check with our files to reproduce… we added this feature in PA 2006 i think, it might be that something has changed now.

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