File opening problem

  • if you use pa and open a txct file as you would a n archive it sayes it is open. on the tital bar it should say it can not handle this format or something.

  • What are you actually doing?
    If, in explorer, I right click on txt file and select “Open with PA”; PA opens with the “drag and Drop” compress dialog active.

    If I use PA GUI and “force” it to open txt file, by setting all files in open archive dialog, then the status bar shows “no files selected”. The GUI window title does have the text filename, but then I did “force it”.

  • conexware

    he is trying to open txt as archive and wants to get an error message from PA :-)

  • That was my thought, but I wanted to check that davidsplash was really asking for an error message saying “what on earth did you do that for?”

  • conexware

    David being David, he is just proactive :-)

  • thanks for that

    basically this happens for any file other than an archive format.

    Pa should say can not open this type of file as it is not an achive. and gfive you the option toarchive the file.

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