Non associated files

  • if you open say a zip file for example and double click on a file that is not associated with anything pa sayes extarcting on the bottom line of the program.

    shouldn’t it say something or actually do something?

  • conexware

    PA lets windows handle the file when you doubleclick on it, so you should get the same message you get in Windows when you doubleclick on file that has no association?

  • What i put down was the steps to recreate the fault. What i have scince found is that powerachiver extracts the file to a tmp directory and winmdows trys to open it. However as pa window is open you do not see the windows behind it that say what program do you wnat to open it with.

    What i would like is a way for pa to associate the file with a program or on double clicking the item within pa to tell you there is no associated program with this file type on your computer.

  • conexware

    but Windows does tell you that :-).

    This way, PA stays compatible with every version of Windows since it lets Windows handle associations. In fact, PA uses Windows Explorer not just Windows. Meaning that if you have set something in Windows Explorer, it will work properly when called from PA as well.

    There is no reason for PA to tell you that there is no association when Windows tells you that and offers alternatives which, for instance, might be different in Windows 8.

  • is there a way to make pa go in the background once you have double clicked on an item, so i can see the windows associated window

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