Msi problem- version 12

  • i have an .msi file in a zip file all i wnat to do is instalkl the file but when i click on it in pa it just open it as if it is a archive. i wanted to install it not open it up to see its contence i want to install it from within pa

  • conexware

    interesting problem… i guess we will add extra shell extension inside PA that will make it possible to open the file in PA, while default will be opening in windows.

    same goes from chm as well

  • Thanks what would be better if it could detect an msi file and ask do you wnaty to install it or do you want to open it like an archive.

  • conexware

    We dont want to “punish” users with extra window when clicking on certain files. So those (advanced) users that need to open MSI and CHM files from the inside, they will be able to right click on the file inside PA and select Open With> PowerArchiver.

    I think thats overall the best solution.

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