FTP - suggestion and question

  • Banned

    Silly question and a suggestion.

    I have never used your FTP before.

    I am not having much luck now. And, unless I am misreading the help file, it doesn’t give me the guidance I need,.

    I keep running a PBS with an FTP setting, and it keeps copying the file into the root FTP directory.

    I tried – I thought – every possible combination of language for the destination directory and the default directory.

    Suppose the base directory is called “root”?

    What’s the proper syntax for the subdirectory?

    And do I enter the same info for both destination and default folder?

    I am sure there is a permutation I missed. But after 45 minutes . . .

    The suggestion.

    The password in the FTP window is visible. I would prefer it were it invisible.

  • conexware

    base folder is folder that you enter when you first login to the ftp… what did you try entering there?

    I think we need “browse” button which logins to the ftp and offers you easy to use folder selection :-).

  • Banned

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. Maybe there is something odd about my server.

    Let me explore that.


  • conexware

    tell us what is your root folder and what is your desired folder, i will write you what destination folder entry should be…

    root folder is the one you start with when you login to the ftp.

  • Banned

    Turns out I had to leave the default folder blank.


    But that’s what it took to get to this server.


    I like your idea for a browse button.

    I also would urge that the password be made invisible on the FTP page.

    And while I have you. (1) I gather the correct PB version number will show up tomorrow. Correct? (2) Neither PAOP nor the Star Drivers (Virtual Disk) show up in my list within PB. Have I done something incorrectly?

  • conexware

    • Correct PB version number?
    • Virtual Drive needs to be downloaded - go to the Burner, click on Virtual Drive and it will download and install. Once they are installed, you will have it on your Patchbeam list.
    • PAOP is not updated via Patchbeam yet. We will add it once new major PAOP version comes out towards end of the year.

  • Banned

    PAOP – 2.03, which is latest I could find.

    Sorry. I thought PAOP showed up in 2010 with PB. And I thought you all had talked about PB being updated when PA 2011 appeared.


  • @Socrates:

    PAOP – 2.03, which is latest I could find.

    Yes, that’s it.

    Sorry. I thought PAOP showed up in 2010 with PB.

    No, it didn’t.

    And I thought you all had talked about PB being updated when PA 2011 appeared.


    Yes, but PA2011 has now appeared - the RC has the latest Patchbeam currently available.

  • I would totally also like to request that the FTP password not be in plain text on the FTP tab. It’s stared on the profile page but in plain view when connecting or on the tab. Has this been changed in a newer version coming?

  • conexware

    it will be done before Final for sure… we have to wait for this a bit.

  • Awesome, thanks!






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