PowerArchiver and PatchBeam uninstall issue

  • Why isn’t the PatchBeam folder completely removed when uninstalling PowerArchiver and PatchBeam? There are several leftover files and one of those is PatchBeam.exe.

  • conexware

    did you try restarting your computer? also what version of RC1 are you using, English or International?

  • I had that issue in PA 2010. I have restarted after uninstall. I have the English version since I live in the United States and I only speak English as a primary language. In the Program and Features list it says PatchBeam v1.10. Is it the same version of PatchBeam that PA 2010 used? It also said v1.10 from PatchBeam that came with PA 2010. The PowerArchiver folder was removed completely in all PA versions, only the PatchBeam folder was left behind with PatchBeam.exe left over.

  • conexware

    thanks, i have logged this into the system and will be fixed in RC2.

    It is not the same patchbeam version, we did a lot of changes…

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