PowerArchiver 2011 - Pro - No Export

  • I must say I quite like 2011, it does seem a little faster than 2010.

    I do like the ftp client integration, however am disappointed to see there are no options to export configuration.

    As a IT Pro I do like to format my system on a regular basis, esp with doing all the beta testing that I do.
    If export configuration could be given consideration to be included within the next few updates that would be really great as it would save me and possibly others installing 2 ftp clients.

    Keep up the improvements :)

  • conexware

    Exporting as in?

    Keep in mind you can export/import full PA settings from Options menu!

  • Hi,
    I was predominately thinking of with the FTP Profiles options: As Per Attached Screenshot.

    I must admit I was not aware until searching fully the interface that the Configuration button was split into 2!
    I find that very strange, and embarrassing!

    Personally I have previously expected/used a single click on the top of configuration (and via the orb configuration) to access all that I thought were the full options. I have now found the save/import options you mentioned - that I had expected to be listed in the main configuration dialogue list - in the separate drop down list.

    I think as a suggestion it would be nice to see those options included in the ‘orb’ drop down menu, and/or fully integrated with all the other configuration options.

    Liking the new version, nice to see the GUI has been kept nice and clean :)

  • conexware

    question is, where to put them? i agree that they are a lot more visible in classic interface but Orb is already quite busy and they will be equally lost in Config?

  • Agree that less under the orb the better.
    Personally I think that most people who would be interested in importing/exporting settings would look in the configuration options.

    I don’t think having a import/export settings would be out of place located within these options.

    It could also then be viable to add under where you already automatically expand the ftp configuration settings to possibly add import/export profiles as an option.

    Just a few ideas I think could enhance a great product.

  • Or maybe Import/Export as one of the Tools?
    Or (stretching a bit) under Backup - to back up PowerArchiver ;-)

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