Bug in the Archive Converter

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    I’m using PowerArchiver 2010 Free 11.63.12 and I found a bug using the Archive Converter tool. If the destination folder does not exist (like a removable drive path which has been removed), PowerArchiver will convert the archive without any warning or error and place it on the original archive’s folder.

  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out…

  • conexware

    Tested here.
    When it comes to non existing folders, PA will create the folder and place the converted archive there.
    make sure you have selected to store the file in Custom folder as Current folder is selected by default.

    In terms of non existing drives(unplugged USB drives), PA stores the file in the default PA installation folder, should probably give an error that selected drive does not exist.


  • Yes, give an error (and allow drive to be added to try again).
    Don’t automatically save to different drive/dest.
    Saving to “alternate destination” (except for temporary stuff) should only be after user approval.

  • conexware

    yep, logged in.
    Thanks guys!

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