PBS problems

  • Banned

    I downloaded and installed 2011. Loved the new options. Looked great. Loaded fast. Very optimistic.

    But my PBS (backup) wouldn’t run. Well. t appeared to run, but didn’t do anything.

    Initially I tried running it as was.

    Then I “edited” it (not really . . . just opened it and made a faux change and resaved. Still no luck.

    Any user find the same problem? Did you find a solution?

  • Alpha Testers

    backup script appears to be working fine on my system…just tested it on a couple of scripts I have.

    sorry I know that doesn’t help you.

  • Alpha Testers

    All my PBS are working ok.
    Do you have the same problem with a new PBS or is it just your old ones that are not running?

  • Banned

    It is an old one. But I did open it in 2011 to look at new setting . . . and then resaved it.

    Perhaps I should have started from scratch.

    Didn’t want to try the others since my others reset the archive bit . . . which would foul up my backups.

    When I get the chance, I will try to rebuild them from scratch – although for some, that could be a bit time consuming.


  • conexware

    Please send us an older script which would not work in PA 2011 to support @ conexware dot com and we will take a look

    my old scripts seem to be working fine as well

  • Banned

    I did. However, since they are now 2010 scripts again,maybe it won’t help.

    I need those scripts to move files back and forth from home to work . . . so I had to remove 2011 'til I know this is fixed.

    Thanks for your quick and helpful response.

  • conexware

    Got it! Thanks for that!
    Taking a look now will report via email.

    Anyone else have issues with older PBS scripts, let us know

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