No encryption when Dragging into 7Zip

  • Been using PA2010 and I really like it, but I think there’s something strange with the following behavior:
    1. Open up an encrypted 7zip archive (with filename encryption enabled).

    2. Drag a file into the PA window into the archive.

    3. PA then informs you that it can’t add files to existing 7-Zip archive and that adding a new set of files will delete the files currently within the archive. It asks are you sure you want to add the files (I think the wording here can be improved as well, since the first time I read that I thought it meant it would add only that one file and not all the others that were already there).

    4. The Drag-and-Drop window appears. Action is Add (and replace) files, Method=Store, Profile=7-Zip Default (grayed out), Encryption=Disabled (grayed out).

    5. Select OK and it adds the file to the archive without encrypting it.

    Now, if I use the Add Files button in PA2010, I get the Add window and in that window I can select the file and it will also let me select encryption (and you can check the box for Encrypt filenames). Why is that dialog different from the drag-and-drop dialog?

  • conexware

    thanks a lot, we will check it out for upcoming pa 2011…

  • conexware

    what version of PA are you using? seems to work fine here. Check in Help> About.


  • 11.71.04

    I created a new archive and get the same behavior. Any ideas?

  • conexware

    well i was trying with 2011, let me try with 2010 :)

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