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Where's the download for Professional?

  • I’ve searched the whole site and I can’t find a download for the Professional version. I have a key but it’s useless without the right version and the standard version won’t accept the Pro key.


  • Seems that I got the International version installed. But that’s not what I had installed prior to the last update that I did.

    I downloaded the English download from the web site and installed it over the top of my current version and started PowerArchiver and it showed my installation as a Professional version. Great!

    The only thing that I can think of is that last time I downloaded the update to PowerArchiver from the FileHippo download repository I got the International version instead. I usually get updates from FileHippo through their auto-updater program.

  • Perhaps you should have word with FileHippo?
    Another user had problems with their update feature

  • conexware

    can you let them know they should track that better? it seems they updated you to international version, where your key is not valid!

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