Freezing when opening some RAR files

  • Once again, I have to stop using PowerArchiver. This time around, the deal-breaker is that it freezes when opening RAR files on my system. And not corrupt RAR files, either: WinRAR can open, test, and extract the same files just fine.

    No, I can’t provide samples. And sorry, I won’t be around for follow-ups. I’ve got to believe the association with FileForum is what keeps this boat afloat. (Yeah, some people do know about that little secret.)

  • no offense but you are stupid winrar create the unrar.dll file and that is ehat is causeing the problem not pa. They make shaw that there dll opens most of there files but not all so that they still have the lead on rar files. They update there rar format quicker than there dll file that other vendors use. Pa has far more features like 7zip than winrar and works better eg. its iunterface and encryption capabilities. I have not found a program with so much support winrar is useless if you test it its zip support / compression is not up to pa’s. I have tried winrar and found it to be slugish on anything other than rar files. it can not openm certain cab files nor can it work on some zip files with special characters. I’m not rubishing winrar buts its interface its rar format is outdated and you can get better features with par files and 7zip together and i know that pa are going to implement par support very soon so pa will have a recovery option to all archive files.

    You must work for winrar as you keep saying its better. I have done some investigation on your posts and its all rar rar rar. I know that some other vendor go to other vendors sites and critise them so bog off you. If you can’t tell the truth or even post proof of the rar files then it proves you work for winrar.

  • Since nameless is an Alpha tester, can I take his place after he’s left ? :)

  • conexware


    Since nameless is an Alpha tester, can I take his place after he’s left ? :)

    you can become alpha tester no matter what. Just send me an email when you want and I will let you in :-).

    Dont worry about him, he will come back eventually, he always does :-).
    He just gets angered quickly… If someone elses notices problem with RAR files, please let us know… We have few alpha testers that do a lot of unraring daily and I use it a lot and nobody reported any issues that are similar to this one


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