Open folder after extracting–key word being "EXTRACTING"!

  • I have about ten seconds to write this problem report, so sorry if it has been reported already…

    Running PA 9.11.01 here on WinXP Pro SP-2. I like to keep the “Open folder after extracting” option selected. This setting is remembered from the last use of the “Extract” dialog.

    In any event, if I drag-and-drop an archive, select “Extract here”, then get an overwrite prompt and select “No”, the target folder is still opened. This happens even if there was only one file in the archive, and (as a result of the “No” reply on the overwrite prompt) no files are extracted.

    The same thing happens under some other (but similar) circumstances, where no actual extraction took place. I can detail them at some later date, if needed.

    Basically, “Open folder after extracting” should work exactly that way–after extracting. And not after simply beginning an extract operation, regardless of what happens after that point.

    Edit: I just noticed that WinRAR doesn’t open the target folder at all, when using the shell extension. This may seem to make sense. If you are doing a drag-and-drop, you already have an Explorer window open. Besides, using the shellex, you don’t have an opportunity to change the setting! (i.e. open target/don’t open target)

  • conexware

    Basically, folder opens even if extraction is cancelled before anything is extracted.
    I am not sure if it is possible to detect it properly, we will check it out.

    For me personally, way I use shell extensions, I find it very nice to have folder open after extraction since I usually extract from large archives, minimize pa and close explorer window (i hate those windows).


  • I know it’s possible, question is… How hard is it. Since the user responds “No” to overwrite prompts, PA knows what that user response is. If all PA gets back is nothing but “No”, then … nothing got extracted. :)

    Thanks for reading.

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