Gzip problem

  • hi,

    i want to compress a css file to a gzip. i choosed TAR - GZIPTar. but if i upload this file to my server, it don’t work. i downloaded 7ZIP to do it and it works fine. but ii love to do this with PA.
    please help



  • Can you confirm that you TAR then GZIP with 7zip or just Gzip.
    I would expect your server to only need Gzip and it is the TAR that is causing the problem.

  • @tbgbe

    with 7zip i choose : add to archive, and there i select gzip. so my file is named date.js.gz.
    this works fine on the website

    whit PA i choose pack to Zip&options, then TAR, and then Gziptar. the file is then named date.tar.gz.
    this ain’t working.

  • Yes, that was my point.
    I think it is the TAR that is causing the problem.
    Unfortunately, PowerArchiver does not let you use ONLY gzip compression (i.e. without the TAR).

    However, if you have a PowerArchiver license then you also get a license for PowerArchiver Command Line (PACL)
    see http://www.powerarchiver.com/pacl/

    This will allow gzip without TAR.
    { pacomp -a archive.gz example.txt }

  • conexware

    we will try to add standalone gzip and bz2 to PA 2011… Keep in mind that with only gz and bz2 (without tar), only single file can be compressed in archive, so only one file per archive. This is why we support only tar.gz and tar.bz - it is much more useful.

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