POAP - Adaptive Type Options

  • Hi Team,

    I use POAP A fair amount and its so good I very rarely notice its actually there.

    However, for some time I have been wanting to see more options for when Compressing certain files types and to what method and at what level. For example…

    Currently, PAOP gives me 1 method for all files and if I want have it passworded, also at what point should it auto compress.

    With all the changes in PowerArchiver 2010 and with 2011 on the way it would be nice to see POAP Follow suite.

    For example a new feature i would like to see is more custom options to auto compressing file types. ie

    for Spreadsheets I might want it to auto compress as a non passworded zip after it being over 5 megs.

    But for Access database files or dat, mdb, bat etc etc I would i would prefer it to use Zipx or 7Zip with Maximum compression after 7 megs.

    And say I select multiple files including pictures, word documents and websites I would like it to auto zip using another method…

    and to be clever say I had files in a secure folder called private an ability to tell POAP that anything from that Folder that gets emailed should be encrypted and compressed using PAE with AES with a default password… possibly linked into my Password manager in PowerArchiver 2011…

    Now this is a fair amount of work but I feel it is an important step forward, taking into consideration how dynamic users files can be.

    This also could be a Pro Plugin, for an ever so slight charge… And I would be happy to pay!!

  • conexware

    PAOP? :)

    Maybe use PA profiles?

  • Well the Profiling for the type of compression could be indexed on PA’s system as well as the designation of a secured folder etc… so yes all that could be stored into a nice Window within the configuration screen.

    But obvisoly the outlook plugin would need to have some options available to access else a user is having to open PA everytime he/she needs to create a quick change…

    if that makes any sense

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