PABackup.exe command line

  • Is there a command-line parameter for pabackup.exe that will force it to Run (Open) a PBS file as opposed to Edit it? I prefer the Edit option for double-clicking PBS files, and I have configured Explorer to do that. But I want to schedule a few backup operations, and when I use Windows Task Scheduler to do that, pabackup.exe Edits the PBS instead of Opens it. So a command-line option to force a “Run” would be handy.

    Jeff Jansen

  • conexware

    did you try using our scheduler and then checking what switch it sets?

  • I had not tried that, but I just did. I used the PA scheduler to run it daily at 8:30 and ran the PBS once. But where do I look for the “switch it sets”? Does PA create a Windows Scheduled Task? If so, it’s not showing up in Windows.

  • conexware

    seems to work fine here - /silent is the switch. Try that out… pabackup.exe /silent backup.pbs

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