Not sure if this is a bug or by design…

  • I have PowerArchiver Freeware v11.16.12.

    The little drop down arrow on the Extract button lists upto 10 recently used folders. If I use the drop down arrow to extract to #10 folder, that folder will stay at #10 and not move to #1.

    The reason I think this might be a bug is that let’s say #10 is the folder you extract to most often. Once you choose another folder manually (that is not already on the list), that folder that was #10 will then be taken off the list. And won’t go back on the list until you choose it manually. This seems illogical to me.

    I would think whichever folder was extracted to last, be in chosen manual or chose from the drop down arrow, should be moved to the #1 spot.

    Just my 2 cents…

  • conexware

    i guess we never paid that much attention to it… we will check it out!

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